I t ‘ s a c a b a r e t

Put on a show, get on the floor

There are times you are hanging with friends and all of a sudden you burst into laughter with an idea that only matters to you guys. This was one of those of times, you had to be there, clearly! Then you being to rope people into the idea blindly and trying to explain the concept makes you sound like a mad woman!

But fundamentally, its about laughter, its friendship… it’s not making sense to the person next to you and having that knowing smile. So thank you to the friends who graciously give their time when I get a crazy idea. So suit up, put on a show and get on the floor.


♔ Poses: Ana Poses  Strasbourg & Chemnitz 

♔ Hair: Stealthic Mayhem

♔ Outfit: Zenith BlackPink Corset 

♔ Backdrop: Foxcity Lobby (open with lights)

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